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Viktoriya Family 1
Hotel and Restaurant Complex

Viktoriya Family 1Viktoriya Family 1

Viktoriya Family 2
Сountry complex

Viktoriya Family 2Viktoriya Family 2

Viktoriya Family 3
Georgian Restaurant

Viktoriya Family 3Viktoriya Family 3

Viktoriya Family 6
Georgian Restaurant


Viktoriya Family 1 - Hotel and Restaurant Complex

Viktoriya family is a family business in which we have invested all our values, customs, traditions, culture and soul. Happy one ,who is happy in the family!
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Viktoriya Family 2 - Сountry complex

Summer vacation season is closed!
Opening -on May 1, 2021. See you on the sunbeds!We have created the most comfortable conditions for your vacation, which will allow you to give up all worries and feel the precious taste of leisure and tranquility. Here you can enjoy comfortable sunbeds, soft drinks, the beauty of landscaping.
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Viktoriya Family 3 - Georgian Restaurant

Georgian cuisine is one of the richest cuisines in the world. Despite the influence of European traditions and the traditions of the nation of the Middle East, it is incredibly original, and many dishes in it are unique.
Our restaurant of Georgian cuisine, located at LCD “Lvivsky", st. Voloshkova, 6, will allow you to immerse yourself at least for a while in the colorful taste of Georgia.
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Viktoriya Family 4 Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine
We tried to make our institution as modern and comfortable as possible. This is evidenced by the interior and enough democratic prices.
A variety of dishes from different parts of Georgia will pleasantly surprise true lovers and gourmets of Georgian cuisine.
We are located at: Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, Kyivska Street, 68-a
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Viktoriya Family 6 - Georgian cuisine

Real Georgian cuisine is waiting for you in the restaurant "Viktoriya Family 6", at the address: Petropavlivstav Borshchahivka, st. Soborna, 74.
The concept of the restaurant provides for the preparation of Georgian dishes as well as they are prepared for a family dinner.
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